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BFFR032 - DJ Zeyhan - Matete 

Global Release: 09.09.2016



 "Matete" aims to transport the listener directly to Kinshasa, where tribal drums

make hips shake and African chants make your head spin. DJ Zeyhan has proven once again

that good music is global, and delivers an impulsive dancefloor workout that is

perfectly suited to losing yourself in the moment. 

Upcoming producer Pakobeatz transforms the driving original into a deeper affair,

without compromising danceability.

© Beatz for Freakz Recordings 2016



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BFFR031 - Various Artists - The Best of Remixes Vol. 1

Global Release: 31.05.2016



 The Best of Remixes Series contains the Best Remixes released on Beatz for Freakz Recordings
over the past 6 Years.
The first Round starts with a few Nu Disco Pearls Somehere, gently nestled in-between nu-disco
and cosmic vibes, with a touch of balearicness, and given a nod by house music.
Remixes from Nelue, Phunktastike, DJ Zeyhan and Flash Mode.
© Beatz for Freakz Recordings 2016

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BFFR030 - Technological Fallout - Iguana

Global Release: 29.04.2016



This time we head back to Italy and find Technological Fallout who return to the label for a third time.

Not much is know about these guys, apart from they make damn fine music, and lets face it,

thats all that counts.

Iguana is a tripped out melodic affair, with its influences certainly coming from 80s electronic pop

like Depeche Mode,

but then tripped out by fx and crazy noises.

Horizon is the second track, and is a hazy gem, thats rooted firmly on the dance floor. Crazy vocals float around,

coaxed by cool studio production

effects and a gritty bassline that adds the extra 'oomph'.


© Beatz for Freakz Recordings 2016



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BFFR029 - DJ Zeyhan - Big City Vibes feat. Nejma

Global Release: 01.04.2016



Big City Vibes. Disco deep from the Heart. Soulful original Version and smashing club orientated

Piano-Disco Remix from Vaan featuring the wonderful Voice from Nejma.
Shorter Radio Version of the Vaan Remix is also included.


© Beatz for Freakz Recordings 2016


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BFFR028 - Pakobeatz - Morgentau feat. Nejma

Global Release: 09.10.2015


BFFR028 - Pakobeatz - Morgenatu feat. Nejma

New Release from Pakbeatz.
This time Beatz for Freakz brings you a fresh Breeze of typical Pakobeatz Ambient-Electronica sound.
At this song he featured also the wonderful Nejma. Her lovely Voice demonstrates the Soul of the Song.
DJ Zeyhan gave the Original some catchy Ryhtm and grooves, which wanna make you dance.


© Beatz for Freakz Recordings 2015



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BFFR027 - DJ Zeyhan - Make it Funky!

Global Release: 03.07.2015


BFFR027- DJ Zeyhan - Make it Funky!

DJ Zeyhan makes it funky again.
3 tracks of resh funky music from smooth groove to dancefloor-killer.
Starts with the totally new Dancefloor Cracker Smile Funk and splash the Bomb with Funk your Ass!
Let you sit back down and chill with Carla.
Funk your Ass and Carla were released for the first time back in 2013 on Dynamicron's Los Grandes Label.


© Beatz for Freakz Recordings 2015



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BFFR026 - Technological Fallout - Cosmic

Global Release: 27.03.2015


BFFR026 Technological Fallout - Cosmic

"Cosmic" is the Debut release of Italian Artist Technological Fallout. Straight from Italy,
the Home of the Cosmic sound.
It sounds as you could expect from a release called "Cosmic"
Remixes from DJ Zeyhan and Pakobeatz are giving you an alternative to the Originals.



© Beatz for Freakz Recordings 2015



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