Anton Romezz


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DJ and Producer

Soviett Records, SpaceWalker Recordings, Disco Volante Recordings, Nu Indee Records , No Static Recordings, Spirit Soul Music, Disco Soul

Recordings,Crumpled Music, Fifty Fathom Records, Beatz for Freakz Recordings.


Dancing around the Apple

Sunrise in Karelia

Nu-Disco Pearls


Electric Man (Original by DJ Zeyhan & Cosmic Orchestra)






Casual Encounters

Delta Scuti



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Delta Scuti was a producer from Berlin, Germany. After initial Release on Beatz for Freakz,

he renamed to: DeltaScuti and changed to House and Techno scene.



Eh Lib

Nu-Disco Pearls



I don't know (Original by Casual Encounters)

Infected (Original by DJ Zeyhan & Vaan)








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Musician - Producer - Remixer - DJ



Istanbul Disco

Olive Oil

Cosmic Pieces

Nu-Disco Pearls



I like it (Original by DJ Zeyhan & Vaan)

Deep into the Night (Original by Paris)

Disco Bomb (Original by DJ Zeyhan & Vaan)

Electric Stranger (Original by Semi Functional)




DJ Zeyhan





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DJ since 2005

DJ Zeyhan is a DJ, Percussion player and Producer from Munich.
He is part of the Worldmusic-Afro-Cosmic Scene since 1996. (Today, you will maybe call this Global Bass or Organic House Music.)

In 2006 he started public DJ'ing and has played at many Clubs and Festivals in and around Munich and even some
international Events.

His music style lays anywhere between Daniele Baldelli and DJ Stefan Egger.
Additional he is playing progressive-Psy and Techno from time to time.

He's producing and releasing his own music since 2010.
From 2007-2022 he did run his own Event Agency named Beatz for Freakz.
From 2010 till today also a Record Label under the same name.

Over the past years DJ Zeyhan has some Club residencies and played together
with some big Names of the Scene.
To name a few: Daniele Baldelli, DJ Stefan Egger, Rayko, Enne.

DJ Zeyhan moved to Vienna in 2018 and is no more active DJ'ing after the Corona Pandemic.
He is still producing fresh music in the Funky, Worldmusic / Global Bass / Organic House and Nu-Disco Genre.




Midnight Dream (DJ Zeyhan & Cosmic Orchestra)

Funky Kisses (DJ Zeyhan & Cosmic Orchestra)

Electric Man (DJ Zeyhan & Cosmic Orchestra)

Welcome (DJ Zeyhan feat. Vaan)

Infected (DJ Zeyhan and Vaan)

When the Night begins (DJ Zeyhan and Vaan)

I like it feat. Nejma (DJ Zeyhan and Vaan)

Disco Bomb (DJ Zeyhan and Vaan)

Make it Funky

Cosmic Pieces

We are Freakz! DJ Zeyhan & Vaan)

Weg! feat. Nejma (DJ Zeyhan & Cosmic Orchestra)


Gravity - Tribute to Robert Miles

Electric Elements

Sri Lanka


Cosmic Tools

Wonderful Life

Vibes feat. Nejma

La Luna feat. Nejma

Zeyhan's Drums


African Moon




DJ Zeyhan & Vaan - Spaceball

Pakobeatz - Sound of Underground

Pakobeatz - Fisherman's Journey

Jolly Roger - Neck Horse Nebula

Technological Fallout - Cosmic

Eclectic Sound - Zenith

Paris - Total recall

Discolog - Homeless

Semi Functional - When we're back on Venus

Semi Functional - Strange Skies

Anton Romezz - Sunrise in Karelia

Casual Encounters & O'Dahl - I don't know

Tape Warm - Silver Copy

 DJ Zeyhan & Cosmic Orchestra - Kontaani

Nicolas Grey - Feel the Melody

Cloned in Vatican Vs Semi Functional - Megalopolis

Anton Romezz - Dancing Around the Apple


DJ Styles

Afro-Funky-Electronic-Worldwide Music (Global Bass, Organic House, Cosmic)

Electro, Goa, Techhouse


DJ Zeyhan has played @

K41 Munich, Kiki Istanbul, Abseits Freising, Labor Munich, Galaxy(Z6) Innsbruck, AK1 Munich, Orangehouse Munich,

Livestage Innsbruck, Brik Munich, Sunrise Lounge Munich, Miri’s Kassel, Die Bank Munich, Percha Festival Starnberg,

Bunker Munich, Station 2 Munich, Forest Blumenau, Titty Twister Innsbruck, X-Cess Munich, Sonder-Bar Munich,

Bauhof Thalkirchen Munich, Babalu Munich, Lebenslust Munich, Chilla Villa Walchsee Tirol, Forest Starnberg,

Forest Gräfelfing, Stustaculum Festival Munich, Rotes Haus Munich, Café am Hochhaus Munich, Provisorium Munich,

Este Bar Munich, Forstenrieder Park Munich, KPPM Allach, Corso Leopold Streetfestival Munich, Pimpernel Munich, KOI Munich, 

Bar Comercial Munich, Rock Box Munich, Kulturspektakel Gauting, Tanz durch den Tag Vienna, Strandbar Herrmann Vienna...



Resident @ Die Bank Munich 2007 - 2011

Resident @ Café am Hochhaus (together with DJ Enne) Munich 2009

Owner of Beatz for Freakz Recordings and Global Stuff



DJ Zeyhan has played with

Daniele Baldelli, DJ Enne, Yaniv Tal, DJ Stefan Egger, Rayko, DJ Venus, DJ Bogi, Tebo, Bonghi, Mike, Sito, Benni, Raiz,

Ralf Brand, Gobo DJ, Dr. Gonzo, DJ Pako, DJ Churchy, Madeira, Epileptic Rootz, DJ Gotori, Kommissar Keller, Garbfunkula,

Da Feia, Henric, Suendesizer, Mandara, Ben, Hoppa, Techtrix, X-Ray, TIM o.S., Bubkomisch, DJ Ayko, Polar, Schetthouse, Baila, Wie Ich,

Felix Fuhrberg, Rollo Roys & Feta Chris



Eclectic Sound



Nejma Press 1



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Singer since 2000


I like it (DJ Zeyhan and Vaan)

Morgentau (Pakobeatz)

Weg! (DJ Zeyhan & Cosmic Orchestra)

Sound of Underground (Pakobeatz)

Vibes (DJ Zeyhan)

La Luna (DJ Zeyhan)




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DJ since 2005

Munich based DJ and Producer Pakobeatz has been active in the cosmic disco scene for more than ten years now. Describing
his sound as a "global tasting cocktail", he found his own style that reflects his varied interests in music.
All kinds of influences, among them African rhythms, reggae, disco, funk and electronic music, find their way into both his DJ sets and productions,
creating something that is uniquely its own.
After contributing a remix to the Midnight Dream EP published in 2010, his debut "From Earth to Space" was released on Beatz for Freakz Recordings in early 2012.
It includes two originals - Dynamic Earth and Dynamic Space, hence the title -and two remixes by DJ Zeyhan and Vaan, both of them prolific producers themselves.
Other releases followed like "Morgentau", featuring the beautiful vocals of singer Nejma, and a remix of DJ Zeyhan & Vaan's "Infected".
As a DJ, Pakobeatz is known for his energetic, driving sets that have served for many an ecstatic night on the dancefloor.


From Earth to Space

Morgentau feat. Nejma

Fisherman's Journey

Sound of Underground feat. Nejma



DJ Zeyhan & Cosmic Orchestra - Midnight Dream

Inigo - Go Go Dancer

DJ Zeyhan & Vaan - Infected

Technological Fallout - La Croix du Sud

DJ Zeyhan - Matete

DJ Zeyhan - Electric Elements


DJ Styles


Techno, House, Minimal, Pure Fun Music


Afro-Funky-Oriental-Balkan-Electronic-Reggae-Cosmic-Disco (Global Bass, Organic House)


Pakobeatz has played @

Orangehouse Munich, Alte Brauerei Stegen, Sunsrise Lounge Munich, Backstage Munich, Lebenslust Munich,

Brickhouse Munich, Forest Blumenau, Forest Starnberg, Percha Festival, Haus 45 – Station 2 Munich,

Bunker Berg am Laim, KPPM Allach, X-Cess Munich,Provisorium Munich, Este Bar Munich, Sonder-Bar Munich,

Bauhof Thalkirchen Munich, Forstenrieder Park Munich, Forest Gräfelfing, Rotes Haus Munich, Babalu Munich...


Pakobeatz has played with

Zeyhan, Dr. Gonzo, Churchy, Tim O.S. Techtrix, Venus, Mana & Costa, Yaniv Tal, DJ Bogi, Micky, Ben, Suendesizer, Mandara, Ralf Brand,

T-Wan, Belingo, Amado, X-Ray, Dalei Lorenz, Hoppa, Madeira, Epileptic Rootz, Chris DVM, Da Feia, Kommissar Keller, Bubkomisch, DJ Gotori



Paris76 (Paris)





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DJ and Producer

Emerald & Doreen recordings, Beatz for Freakz Recordings.


Total Recall

Cosmic Pieces 



Semi Functional



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DJ and Producer

Semi Functional was a DJ and Producer from Glasgow. He left the music Business in 2013.


Strange Skies

When we're back on Venus



When the Night Begins (Original by DJ Zeyhan & Vaan)


Tape Warm


Tape Warm Press 1



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 Tape Warm was a Producer Duo from Sao Paulo, Brasil They released only one Single on Beatz for Freakz and left the Music Industry in 2012



Silver Copy



Technological Fallout


 Technological Fallout Press 1



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Technological Fallout is a Producer from Italy







Zenith (Original by Eclectic Sound)



Vaantastic (Vaan)


Vaantastic (Vaan) 1



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Producer from Munich, Specialized in Disco, Organic House, Global Bass, and Ambient music

Beatz for Freakz Recordings.



Funky Kisses


Electric Man


When the Night Begins

Cosmic Pieces

I like it

We are Freakz!

Disco Bomb



Eh Lib (Original by Delta Scuti)

Dynamic Earth (Original by Pakobeatz)

Bir Sevmek bin Defa (Original by Discolog)

Electric Stranger (Original by Semi Functional)

Gravity (Original by DJ Zeyhan)

Vienna (Original by DJ Zeyhan)