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BFF033 - Jolly Roger - Onda Anomala

Global Release: 16.12.2016



Jolly Roger, a prolific producer from Italy, has his very own style.

His album "Onda Anomala", previously released on his Psycodance label in 2009,

is now getting a re-release on Beatz for Freakz Recordings.

Owing to the Italian music scene known globally as "Cosmic",

Jolly Roger skillfully blends musical influences to create a sound that is uniquely his own.

Despite not subscribing to any particular genre - the digital dub of opener "Orion" stands next

to the clanging, metallic percussion of "Nashira" and the spacey disco of "Alcor"

- the album comes out very uniform without ending up
bland, making for a satisfying listen both at home and on the dancefloor.


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